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Car buying made easy!




What is an "Auto Broker" or "Buyer's Agent"?

A Buyer's Agent is a licensed and bonded independent agent hired by you to help with the purchase or lease of a new or used vehicle.

How do I connect with Car Buyers Advantage?

Contact us either by phone or email and we will discuss your car situation.

Why would I want to use Car Buyers Advantage?

You value your time, money and quality of life so why not hire a professional to handle one of your biggest financial investments, second to your home purchase.

Will I have access to any rebates, incentives, or low interest financing if I use this service?

Absolutely! Car Buyers Advantage has access to all the latest incentives and rebates and will use all available resources to negotiate a great deal for you.

What if I have a trade-in?

Car Buyers Advantage will get a fair trade-in value for your old car.

What about financing?

Car Buyers Advantage will discuss financing options with you and will walk you through the process.

Can I really save money by using Car Buyers Advantage?

Yes you can!! Car Buyers Advantage has an extensive network for new and used cars which enables us to get great prices.

What’s the coolest part?

In addition to getting a great deal, personalized service and having fun working together, you don’t have to set foot in a dealership! We have your car delivered to our office where you will come in, sign paperwork, and drive off in your new car. What more could you ask for?